Fitting CCTV

Fitting CCTV: Perils & Pitfalls

The prospect of drilling holes through the external walls of your home to run the power and video cable for a camera may at first seems only feasible for the most accomplished DIY’er. With a little forethought it can be …

Security Camera Purchasing Tips


Branded CCTV components are highly reliable and are expected to deliver on their promises. However, even if there are any faulty products, these are most likely to fail within the first 90 days of use which is within the …

Day Night Cameras

Day Night Cameras

When selecting cameras for surveillance applications there is a third choice available. In addition to standard monochrome and colour there are ‘Day-Night’ cameras.

Day-Night cameras provide a colour picture when there is sufficient light to do so, normally during daylight …

choosing the right CCTV security camera

Choosing The Right CCTV Security Camera For Your Premises

When designing CCTV systems, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right camera.

  • If the camera or cameras are to be used outdoors then black and white cameras are more suitable, as they need less light to form