Security Camera Purchasing Tips


Branded CCTV components are highly reliable and are expected to deliver on their promises. However, even if there are any faulty products, these are most likely to fail within the first 90 days of use which is within the manufacturer’s warranty period. Therefore, purchasing extended warranty coverage may not be required.


It is advisable to consider an appropriate maintenance plan for the CCTV system. A fairly-priced maintenance contract can go a long way in increasing the life of the CCTV system. Moreover, cleaning and maintaining the product on a regular basis can detect and keep major problems at bay.

Legal issues:

Use of dummy cameras to deter offenders may backfire and cause legal issues. It is also important to note that it is illegal to tape audio. People can be monitored without consent but taping voices is considered an intrusion on privacy.


Understand your exact needs before purchasing a CCTV system. Purchasing a high end product for basic security needs will obviously be a waste of money.


Get a demonstration of the CCTV in office settings from the dealer; it is the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of the system you are planning to buy.

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